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    Old wooden windows were built to last! Before you think about getting rid of them, call us for a free quote on Repairing and Restoring. Often they just need to be fixed up to return to their original glory. We specialize in helping homeowners of many older or historic homes to refurbish their windows and make them gorgeous again. Call us today for our expert window repair services!

    ​We love what we do and it shows. 

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    antique window repair boston

    Wood Window Restoration Boston MA

    Window preservation and restoration are very different from any other household repair. Unlike standard contractors, we have a passion for what we do. At our New England wood window company, our team of technicians service homes by assessing the damage, investigating into the origin of the window’s original installation, and then working to recreate or restore that installation.

    We’ve come across windows built onsite centuries ago and have worked to find low-cost but high quality restoration options that maintain the home's historic integrity and character.

    Our Services

    antique window restoration boston

    Our window repairs include sash repairs, wooden window refurbishment, home window glass replacement, double-hung wood window repairs, complete restoration, frame repairs, and more. Because we work with antique homes, we can tailor each job exclusively to your home.

    Although we have years of experience working with Victorian window repair and restoration for historic New England homes, every job is different. Your project may require extensive research to find the correct materials or to replicate original hardware. Ideally, your home will look as it did when it was new, so long ago.  We achieve this by pairing a creative approach with an architectural design process.  Although our team restores and repairs historic windows, our technicians have an in-depth understanding of how to achieve total repair without losing the historical integrity of your home. ​

    Specialized Wood Window Restoration

    Wood windows need special treatment and care. With specialty services, you can be sure that there is an opportunity to restore your windows rather than replacing them. At Window Restoration MA, we help restore antique and vintage homes with services including sash and cord repair, rotten window frame repair and replacement, frame replacement, pane replacement, and more.

    As part of wood window repair, we always consider ways to protect the original structure with minimal changes for historic window restoration, which means that we often provide specialized services. Our services typically refer to one particular part of the window or a specific type of window structure; however, each job is unique.

    When coming onto a project, we know that the wood window restoration will require customization, there is no pre-cut option. In fact, many windows in antique homes throughout New England were handcrafted. It was rare that these types of windows came from a manufacturer, which is all the more reason to persevere your home with restoration rather than replacement. ​

    Why Restore Instead of Replace

    Many people choose to replace vintage windows. Often, they explain that the window doesn't work; there is led paint involved, or that they are not energy efficient. However, all of these problems are possible to remedy with restoration rather than replacement.

    When looking at historic windows, it's clear that some things prevail. It is possible to upgrade a vintage window without replacing it. It's also possible to restore the window with basic repairs rather than replacing it.

    window restoration boston

    Much of the time, restoration is possible. A skilled technician can come in, pull the sash apart, and make any repairs. Afterward, reassembling the original pieces is an accomplishment that few can identify with, and our techs revel in it. It's a mastery and an art to be able to restore a vintage window.

    When looking at the excuses that lead people to a replacement, it is easy to see that restoration is almost always the preferred option. The claim that there is lead in the paint is resolved with sanding, staining, and possibly painting. Then the energy-efficiency concern often will come to subside with basic upgrades and restoration techniques. For example, a window that does not seal shut is a drain on your energy. However, replacing the sash lock, and updating the head, jambs, or sill to have a more secure close as possible. ​

    Types of Wood Windows, Parts and Process

    There are three primary types of windows, including a double-hung window, a double-hung window with a circle head, and a casement window. Unlike double-hung windows, a casement window has a hinged glass panel that opens inward. These particular windows are exceptionally unique. 

    The parts of a traditional double-hung window include:

    • Frame
    • Head
    • Jambs
    • Sill
    • Jamb liner
    • Balance
    • Sash
    • Check rail
    • Glass
    • Rail (composed of an upper and lower rail)
    • Lift
    • Sash, Sash lock, as well as ropes and weights
    • Muntin
    • Glazing
    • Casings

    All of these parts should have a traditional wood structure with metal hardware and possibly spring-loaded mechanisms for secure opening and locking of the window. Double-hung windows are among the most popular for antique homes. However, there are many varieties that crop up in the New England area that are unique to builders and architects of different times.

    Our staff carefully handle each part and work diligently to make certain that if there is any replacement part that it closely represents the original craftsmanship. We do everything we can to honor the initial mastery of wood-crafting.

    When working on a home, determining the type of wood window is always our first step, and then we’ll look and see which parts need repair and which need refurbishment or restoration.

    Our Process

    wood window restoration Boston MA

    We work as a mobile service center, which means that we can work entirely at your home. Our first step is always a free consultation where we will look at your property and begin to identify which windows need repair and what degree of restoration they need.

    Our team will begin by pulling out all the parts of the window, including the sash, trim, and stops. For most antique homes, this is not a problem. In fact, some higher-end windows have a knockout panel that makes it possible to check on the sash's ropes and weights without dismantling the entire window.

    This step does require a fair amount of time as we must work with a small prying tool, and working slowly often yields better results.

    As we dismantle the window, including removing the panes of glass, we carefully track everything. There are horror stories that circulate through New England of "restored" windows, which were reinstalled upside down. We care too much about your home to let any detail derail the restoration process.

    The concern that many homeowners have is that restoring the window will cause damage to their homes. That couldn't be further from the truth. During the window removal process, our teamwork with precision to ensure that the pieces come apart as intended with minimal or no damage to your window or your home.

    When it comes time to work on a window, we will pretreat the window’s wood, sash, muntin’s, and bars. Then we will sand, prime, and stain or paint any necessary parts of the window. To help restore some energy efficiency and to eliminate rattling, we will often use materials to make the panes of glass fit snug. Afterward, we glaze, polish, and clean the panes.

    Whenever necessary as part of a restoration, we will repair the damages sash ropes or weights. These old windows often used pulleys and ropes to help with opening and closing the window. The weight or spring system often created the seal for the window or to lock it securely. If replacing ropes is necessary, we will always come to you for a choice of materials. Although cotton and nylon are both available, many homeowners prefer cotton as it remains authentic to the age of their home.

    It is even possible to repair wood cracks or find replacement wood for parts that are rotted beyond repair. Significant wood damage does not mean that restoration is not possible. Always speak with a professional for help in learning more about what the wood window restoration process will look like for you. 

    wood window repair boston MA

    Choose Us for Your Window Needs

    When looking for the right service providers to take care of your antique window issues, you’ll want to find an established company that’s been in the game for a while. If you can see their past work and know that the contractors in question have been doing the job for a long time you can feel confident knowing that you’re going to get a good job done on your home.

    You’ll want professional, licensed and insured workers that you can rely on without worrying about what might happen to your house. More importantly, you want to be able to communicate clearly and openly with them so you that you understand what all the issues are and what choices need to be made.

    We always strive to include the homeowner in the process so they know what needs to be done and how we’ll proceed to fix their windows. Our primary concerns are the safety and satisfaction of our customers and we aim to bring our best to achieve those goals.

    By hiring us you’re making a worthwhile investment in the future of your home and making sure that your historic windows last for many more years to come. Give us a call today so we can get working on your windows. Alternately you can fill out the form that we’ve got up here on our site for a free quote!​​