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Greg with Window Working has been repairing and restoring wood windows on countless historical homes for many years, in towns such as Cambridge, Salem, Melrose, Scituate, Hingham, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Andover, Waltham, Arlington, Weston, Newton, Wellesley, Norwell, Cohasset, and many more. With a comprehensive knowledge of types of windows from various eras, as well as experience with repair and replacement of all sizes and designs, you can trust your wood window repairs to the Window Restoration Experts. See our list of services below, and give us a call for a free quote today!

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    Historic Window Restoration Services Boston MA

    Wood Window Refurbishment

    Refurbishment does mean something slightly different than repairs. When there is wood rot or the wood of the casing or frame is damaged, then replacement wood may become necessary. That does not mean you need to replace the entire window. It may even be possible to recover this wood if refurbishment is done correctly. 

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    Wood Sash Repairs

    Did you come to own your house with it needing quite a bit of repair? Most people do. When buying an antique home, there are usually cut sash cords and missing pieces of hardware on most windows of the home. However, wooden sash repairs are necessary through the years with just typical wear and tear. The sash is the part that will ultimately open and close the window. It meets the frame of the window and has a rope and weight system that may need replacement or rebalancing. 

    Usually, with sash repair jobs, we will look at the complete needs for restoration. Using the architectural design of the window, we'll focus our old house window repair on keeping the integrity of the home.

    Home Window Glass Repair

    Glass repair can mean a number of things for antique windows, including window glazers or wood window reglazing. Glass repair is a long term solution as part of an antique window repair. It will also vary based on how the original glass was created. Ideally, if any glass needs replacement, then that replacement pane should be indistinguishable from the other surviving panes. 

    Double Hung Wood Window Repair

    Double-hung windows are among the most common for vintage homes. Our trained staff take have worked with these types of windows for years. The wood window repair on these will often involve a full deconstruction of the window to ensure that parts out of sights, such as sash ropes or weights, are in top shape.

    Service to Repair Rotted Window Sills

    A window sill that is rotting is a risk in many different ways. Thankfully, it’s possible to restore rotted window sills. The humid and wet climate makes for wood rot. It is often possible to remove the rotted sections by drilling holes into the frame to apply filler or treat the wood properly. 

    As the top wood window repair company in Boston, we help homeowners restore their window sills or replace them to eliminate rot.

    Frame Repairs for Wood Windows

    Frames are of major concern when they need repairs. Homeowners who have invested in restoring their antique home will not easily part with their home's original frames. Instead, opt for frame repairs. With gentle repairs, our staff can have your window frames back in their original glory. 

    When you have a window that needs repairs, refurbishment, or restoration, call our Window Restoration service at 857-201-2999.