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wood window restoration Boston MA

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    Wood Window Repair Boston

    Over the centuries windows have had many different designs with the intent of enhancing a building’s beauty, allowing for breeze when desired, keeping out storms and bad weather, as well as give their owners a good view of what’s outside—whether it’s a garden, trees, landscape or the moon and stars.

    Windows have to put up with a lot of abuse from tough weather and winds and can end up getting pretty worn down, especially old wood windows. Getting your wood windows repaired from time to time can save you from a lot of troubles with drafts, saving energy, broken glass, rot and insect infestation.

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    Window Sash Repair and Replacements 

    There are often times when all that needs to be done is repair or replace the window sash, and the rest of the window is still in pretty good condition. We can safely remove the sash, repair and revitalize it by cleaning out the joints and applying a couple tricks of the trade we’ve learned of our years repairing wood windows, and put it back in perfect working condition allowing you to use your window properly again.

    If the sash has been significantly damaged or has been suffering from rot for a while, then we’ll be able to replace it for you and get you the perfect brand new sash to compliment your window. These are fixes that we’ve done hundreds of times and are more than happy to carry them out for you.

    Fixing Old Wood Windows

    You may wonder, “is it worth it to fix my old wood windows?” Well that’s a very good question and you’re on the right track to getting the windows that will be best for your home. The truth is that it’s often worth it to fix your old wood windows, but you’ll need a specialist to come in and do a little check up on your windows so you can get a professional opinion. In some cases where damage has gotten too extensive you might want to just replace your window rather than fix it.

    And you can figure that out by giving us a call today so we can come and tell you what the best course of action will be! Our estimates are free and always will be.

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