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All services are performed by Greg Besher, our Master Wood Window Technician, with Window Working. 

Our window restoration services company here in Massachusetts is a locally owned, locally operated, and locally invested repair service for Boston’s antique homes. We serve customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Our team works on-the-go with a mobile system to ensure that we can reach the many homes in need of wood window repair services throughout the New England area, we will always come to you.

Through more than 15 years of experience, we've come to have a deep-set passion for working on Victorian-style as well as historic New England homes. Our staff of certified, well-trained, and experienced technicians understand what it means to specialize in the restoration and repair of older homes.

To work with our Window Restoration experts, contact us at 857-201-2999, and we'll schedule a free quote. ​

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    Your Window Restoration Company, Boston MA

    With a passion for working on older homes, we tailored our services to ensure that we love every job we handle. As an antique and historic window repair and restoration service, we provide the best services for old wood windows. These windows are demanding, and they require experienced technicians. We love working on older homes, and we take great pride in helping homeowners feel good about their homes again.

    Above all else, we are the experts in wood windows in Boston, and throughout the New England area. Not only are we proud to service the historic and antique homes, but we enjoy our work. While offering a wide variety of wood window repair and restoration services, we also focus on helping the homeowners and their community.

    As a local New England service, we understand that preserving the integrity of historic homes isn’t just important to the homeowner. It is vital for the communities throughout New England to see their history daily and see how these historic homes have survived through the years.

    Among our specialty services, we provide double hung window repair, window glass repair window refurbishment, and of course, antique window repair. Our talented and experienced technicians provide a massive variety of services and can help you determine which course of restoration is best for the style and age of your home. That means that all of our technicians will carefully consider every factor that could impact your home’s repair. Because we are mobile, we are able to bring in everything we need for the job without scheduling multiple service days or delaying any repairs.

    Additionally, we work year-round. Unlike other home restoration companies that avoid winter-work, we welcome it. Weather and other issues that homeowners can't avoid shouldn't stop them from having a high-quality repair service available right away.

    With over 15 years in historic home repair, we are well experienced with antique homes. As part of our services, starting from our free quote until the job is complete, you will see nothing but the utmost respect for you and your home. Our technicians are not only well-trained and skilled in wood window repairs, but we ensure that they're polite, courteous, and understanding of all of your concerns. We will always put the homeowner first when it comes to working on historic houses. That means when you have a concern, we'll listen genuinely, and instead of giving a yes or no answer, we'll take the time to explain why a certain treatment may work best for your home.

    Our wooden window repair service team offers convenient scheduling and mobile services. Our team works year-round even through harsh New England winters. We know that there’s nothing worse than a drafty window sending cold air into your home in December!

    Call Window Restoration MA at 857-201-2999 to get a free quote. Our hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week. We are always happy to help those within the New England area repair and restore their homes to peak condition! ​